4 Tips to Succeed At All Times Your Recruitments!

4 Tips to Succeed At All Times Your Recruitments

The Human is the first wealth in a company, it is decisive for the good growth of any activity. As a good recruitment can develop faster and conquer new market share, as the opposite can be very detrimental for a company and expensive to buy … So how to maximize its chances of finding the Pearl Rare … ?

Here are the 4 essential steps:

1. Define a clear and coherent job description in line with your expectations

Before leaving in search of a new collaborator, it is essential to precisely define the tasks of the post, it is not so simple … To do this, use the correct method of the white paper and pen, and list the all the missions that you wish to entrust to him.

Ask yourself these questions: what do you expect from the new employee  ? What should its added value be? What will be his role on a daily basis? How can I evaluate it? You will automatically deduce the profile and skill level of your future recruit. Do not hesitate to involve your employees in this definition of the position, they will be a great help and will be flattered to be solicited! Beyond the missions of the post, ask yourself about the personality of this future recruit, what qualities must it have to perform in its missions and integrate with ease internally?

Once the job description is written, I invite you to submit it to friends to ensure the understanding of the job by a completely external look. This friend has understood from the first reading, he even sketched some smiles because you have written with humor and subtlety this job description, so you can start your recruitment!

2. Dissemination of your fabulous job offer

With Digital, you have plenty of choice to broadcast this ad, but where to start? Do not panic !

First reflex: broadcast this announcement internally, cooptation is a recruiting channel that works extremely well, 36% of companies call on cooptation in their executive recruitment actions.

If you have a website, this is the perfect place to relay your ad, of course if your site is attractive and makes you want to make a career at home. Are you one of the 14 million French people who have a Linkedin account? Announce this good news to your network, via your newsfeed and let know that you are in research. You are digital addict and you also have a Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat … deploy all the networks to communicate on this recruitment!

Do you know ? According to a study by Pôle Emploi, more than one in three people listening to the market find a position through the network, do not hesitate to use and abuse social networks to help you in your recruitments.

If you want to broaden this search beyond your network, you can also support you through job advertisement sites such as Apec, Cadremploi, Monster, Keljob … The cost of the ad varies depending on the site selected . You may receive a significant amount of CV, make sure that the profile is in line with your expectations, and this new search must remain fun and attractive!

If you have difficulty finding the right profile, for different reasons (lack of time, penurious profiles …), you can also rely on experts in the field. Thanks to digital, in addition to traditional recruitment firms, you have many collaborative tools that have borne fruit, such as mobile recruitment, matching, gaming and even digital cooptation. You are spoiled for choice! Depending on your job description, some recruitment channels will be more sensible and promising!

3. Get right to the point, and apply a simplified recruitment process

You have resumes that on paper seem to match your expectations. In order to optimize your time, it is wise to make a first filter by phone. The purpose of this telephone conversation will be to understand the reasons for the different changes of the candidate, his expectations for the position sought. A council, let the candidate talk about his motivations, his aspirations for the future, for him what is the ideal position? The more you listen to it carefully, the more you will be able to know if this candidate will flourish within your structure and in the long term.

Be attentive to its pronunciation, its quality of listening, if you seek a commercial these are essential qualities that you can detect from the first minutes of the telephone interview. Also, discuss the point of pay to ensure that you are well aligned.

Everything is green? Be responsive and set a physical interview at the conclusion of this call.

How to conduct a physical interview? First of all, NATURAL is above all an encounter and an exchange. What does the candidate inspire in front of you? Do you want to integrate him into the team and see him on a daily basis? Conversely, do not fall into affect and be lucid about his professional qualities. Take your job description and study point by point with absolute neutrality, if this person is in adequacy with the required skills.

You must also be in the sale of your business and the proposed position. You have to seduce the candidate in front of you. Thanks to the Internet, these candidates have access to a multitude of job offers, why would they choose your structure more than another? The main motivators of the candidates are the atmosphere in the team, the dynamics of the group, the functions on his position: responsibilities, associated challenge, autonomy, freedom, diversity of missions and of course the remuneration.

In order not to run out of steam on this recruitment, it is advisable to meet only the people who are in perfect adequacy with your expectations, and to short list 3 candidates that you meet as part of a physical interview.

At the end of the interview, you are convinced and you plan with this candidate, no rush, carry out a reference check with the last employers. You may be surprised (pleasantly or not) by these returns. Do not rely on the feedback of one person, but contact 3 to 4 different contacts to discuss their previous collaboration.

Take time to review the candidate with a 2 nd time and involve your employees in this choice, they will be flattered and will enjoy giving their opinion. In the image of the liberated companies, you can for example organize a breakfast informally with the team and observe if the integration is done naturally. If you have any doubt about a candidate, listen to your sixth sense, very often when a doubt is felt from the beginning, it is confirmed in time.

4. Integrate new employees with sweet attentions

As a business manager or manager , it is your duty to welcome your new employee with sympathy and friendliness. He must feel that he is expected and that you have anticipated his arrival. As a priority, provide the tools to work well: computer, phone, office, email address configured …

Why not plan a “Welcome Pack” with goodies like a cup and chocolates. Another simple and enjoyable attention, send him an email to welcome him! When the person opens his mailbox, surprise it falls on this first pleasant email. For the sake of immediate integration, take the time to present it to all the collaborators warned (of course) before his arrival. Make sure he’s having lunch with someone from the team for his first day.

Some companies, like Bla Bla Car, give each newcomer “a mentor”, who will ensure the proper integration of it. At Bla Ba Car, which continues to increase their workforce, they have also developed the “Bla Bla Faces”, an application, in the form of a quiz to learn the name of each of its employees. A new entrant is also offered stickers reminiscent of the 10 values ​​of this start-up, also displayed in the premises that represent a pillar of corporate culture.

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