5 Ways to Prevent Potholes Damaging Your Vehicle

5 Ways to Prevent Potholes Damaging Your Vehicle

Potholes are just a natural reaction of the road surface that is formed because of the freezing and thawing of accumulated water, from excessive heat, wear and tear of the road, and the flow of time.

While the pothole prone areas mostly tend to be in places ofa poor drainage system, lack of proper road maintenance that is generally burdened with heavy traffic is also another reason behind the formation of potholes.

Here is how you can avoid the traps of potholes and ways to troubleshoot the damages of your car, caused by them:

  1. Maintain Correct Tire inflation

Underinflatedtires of your car are responsible to much extent for reducing the gas mileage that make it difficult for the brakes stop all of a sudden. Things can go far more dangerous if there is a pothole and you have not seen it from a safe distance. It can simply blow-out the tire.do not hesitate to reach out a collision repair shop if you find one nearby.

Thus, if you are going out with your car especially in rainy season, do not forget to inspect the tires and properly inflate themas per the PSI listed measurement that is printed on sticker of your car door frame or in the owner’s manual.

  1. Slow Down Much Before It Appears

While driving you can see the road lying ahead of you for quite a reasonable distance. Keep an alert mind, when you are driving and watch out for the potholes in your way. It is plain common sense, that hitting a pothole at high speed would automatically increase the level damage. Therefore, slow down and allow some space before applying the brakes, or if you are almost nearing one.

  1. Avoid Puddles

Puddles are deceptive. You can’t see through them and guess if a pothole is hiding beneath.So, beware of puddles of water while driving on an ill-maintained road or any road during or after a heavy downpour. Try your best to avoid driving through any puddle. This is one of the best ways to protect your car from pothole damages.

  1. Take Care of the Pothole Damages Immediately

If you couldn’t avoid a pothole and hit it by chance, you need to know what to do next. The first thing to do, after you hit one, is pulling your car aside and check the major parts of your car before you continue to drive. Start with the tires, their rims, the engine and suspension, the exhaust system and the steering wheel. Sometimes even the wheel alignment can go wrong with the thud. As suggested by the Salisbury collision repair, if you find any or more of these parts in a bad shape, do ask for the Roadside Assistance from your dealer.

  1. Report Local Potholes

As a responsible citizen, help your city from pothole damage by spreading awareness and initiating the process of repair, by reporting to the relevant authority. Today, almost every urban locality is having free smartphone apps to report road problems that includes potholes. Do help the government to help you in return.

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