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A Beautiful Black House on the Heights of Cape Town

Beautiful Black House on the Heights of Cape Town

Originally from South Africa, Werner Hugo left his country very early to settle in London. Happy creator and owner of the restaurant Bocca di Lupo at Piccadilly Circus, he decided two years ago to offer a house in his hometown. “I like Cape Town because of its end-of-the-world situation, the splendor of the natural site and the strength that emerges from this tumultuous ocean surrounded by majestic mountains. It energizes me and inspires me on each of my trips, “says Werner, almost romantic. “The creative energy is there. The young guard of South African designers emerges, art galleries, fashionable boutiques and trendy restaurants are sprouting up in every corner of the city and especially in the new neighborhood of Woodstock. It moves !”

In tune with this dynamic momentum, Werner found a house in the district of Higgovale, nestled on the heights of the city. Entirely renovated by decorator Étienne Hanekom, it has been transformed into a very chic resort. The walls have been tinted with ultra-matte black and slate-clad floors to further accentuate the views, create outward perspectives and allow the lush landscape to enter the décor. Built like a large cube, this spacious home has four levels of sharp contours. “I wanted to be able to receive a lot of friends and everyone could be alone,” continues Werner. I wanted the muted colors to unify all and live as in a case open on the garden left wild.

From the ground floor to the large rooftop terrace, four bedrooms with bathroom, three living rooms and a beautiful kitchen-dining room share the 270 m2 which unfolds around a fully glazed staircase. “I come here as soon as my work permits,” concludes Werner. I like more than anything to enjoy these moments in a unique and saving environment.

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