How is technology affecting your toddler?

technology affecting your toddle

The world is getting faster by the day and people have less time to attend to plenty of things. We are all busy making more money and have less time for family. Working parents seldom have quality time to spend with kids. Such times are being replaced by technology.

There are plenty of good things about technology and that even works for toddlers learning how to swipe mobile screens. However, it also comes with plenty of negative impacts, and parents must be more mindful of this.

Impact of technology on toddlers

The following aspects will help you understand the negative impact of technology when used by toddlers.

  1. Problems to build social skills

Kids that use mobile phones frequently get engrossed in those devices. They lose their chances to connect to the real world that includes people, nature, and animals. They have more chances to get virtually connected to people later on but shy away in person. It is important to limit the usage of technological devices and incorporate things like play dates.

  1. Health problems

If we replace toddler & kids toys with cellphones, they are bound to have health issues. Toys initiate some sort of physical activity unlike playing games online. Spending hours in front a screen can result in eye problems and slow brain development. Toddlers need to stay active and indulge in real play time.

  1. Bad sleep quality

Playing games on TV or mobile phones or watching too many videos can reduce the quality of sleep. As per a study, kids who use mobile devices too much have quicker chances of getting bored. They think that using technology is the only activity that they can do and sometimes wish to carry it to their bedrooms. If allowed, they can prolong the usage of these devices and compromise on their sleep.

  1. Affects relationships

There are times when you cannot attend to your child the way you should. However, you shouldn’t allow smartphones to take your place. One of the worst impacts that these devices can do is distant your child from you. The virtual world is extremely enticing and it grabs children’s attention more than adults. Children have less controlling power and cannot differentiate right and wrong. You must not allow these devices to come in between your relationship.

How to reduce technology usage among kids?

Kids will need supervision till they reach an age when they can get things done on their own. Since you need to give time or appoint someone to do that, your child’s company must come to help. You have to incorporate activities that include socializing and learning. Kids must grow up with real toys and not virtual reality. They must listen to bedtime stories, plant trees, play with pets, and toys. They must be active and aware of their environment.

Parents must take the necessary steps to ensure that their kids have a normal childhood. Kids should not be depended on technology, and that is the best gift that we can offer in their childhood.

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