How Many Series Should I Do To Gain Strength and Muscle Mass?

Many Series Should I Do To Gain Strength and Muscle Mass

Paradoxically, current training systems of recent creation and training courses are based on these postulates. With the rapidity that advances the knowledge, it seems impossible that some hypotheses raised in the 70s, when they had just begun to investigate people like Bosco, Bompa or Verkhoshansky, can still stand.

If we analyze the most recent studies and with the highest level of credibility or evidence (Meta-analysis – Level of evidence 1A), we observe several conclusions that we must cross to obtain the optimal training system:

 , but there is not enough evidence to establish that more than two series is more effective (Krieger, 2010)

 You can get results with less than 4 series per muscle group and week, but the effectiveness is maximized around 10 weekly series depending on the experience and tolerance of each one. We can not know the exact figure but it seems clear that a weekly multiservice system (> 4 series / week) provides better results (Schoenfeld, 2016)

 The total volume of weekly training provides better results when it is divided into two weekly days of training . This means that if my training is designed to perform 8-10 weekly series per muscle group it will be more effective if I divide it in two days than if I do it all on the same day. Divide it in more than two days per week has not proved to be more effective either (Schoenfeld, 2016)

Starting from these three axioms, we must design the optimal training plan that, together with its progressions, should obtain the best results for our potential. From my point of view, and taking into account the great disparity existing between individuals based on their experience and tolerance, everything indicates that the ideal plan, at least for the average of mortals, is the following.

  • A series of heating plus two series at the appropriate intensity  for the desired objective.
  • The total number of series should be divided into two days of weekly training per muscle group. This does not mean that we should only train two days a week, but that the total work per muscle group should be divided in two days with adequate separation. Another option, instead of dividing all the series, is to divide the exercises on two different days so that the total volume of weekly training remains the same.

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