How to Batch Convert Your Videos with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi video converter has the ability to batch convert multiple videos into the most popular video formats. It comes with a mini video editor software for the users to conveniently edit the videos. They are offering a 7 days trial for the video converter program and the trial version can be downloaded directly from the Movavi site.

When you open the software, the first look will give you a feeling that it has an user friendly interface. There is a large area for you to drop the files and open them. The video conversion formats can be selected by easily pressing the large icon for the video format under the tabs. The video formats have been neatly arranged under several tabs including video, devices, audio and images.

On the upper left corner, you will see the +Add Media button. You must select this menu and click on the Add Media Files option when you want to open the video files. You can select more than one files to open at one time in the software. The open files will line up neatly in rows on the drag and drop area. It will display the details of the open videos such as file format, size, codec, quality, audio available, and subtitle available.

On each row of video file, you can see the Edit button. Clicking the Edit button will take you to the small video editor program where you can perform edits like stabilizing the video, adding audio, enhancing the video quality, adding subtitles, adding watermark, crop/trim the video and rotate the video up to 360 degrees. When you have edited the video file all you want, you can click on the  Apply button to save the changes.

With the video files edited, you can now proceed to select the video format. In the tabs below, you will find a lot of video formats which the software can convert your videos into. You can use the left and right arrows to scroll through the list of video conversion formats. When you select a video format, a drop up menu appears with many different sizes of video resolutions for you to choose from.

If you want to watch the video on a phone device, you should choose a video format from under the Devices tab. Under the Devices tab, you can see the icon of different types of devices such as Android, Samsung, and Apple. For example, if your device is Apple iPhone, you can click on the Apple icon and look for the preferred resolution in your iPhone model such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and etc.

Movavi Video Converter provides a file merge feature which can be enabled by by dragging the Merge files slider to the right. The Merge files slider is position just next to the Convert button. In the Save to drop don menu, make sure you select the appropriate destination folder where you want the converted files to be saved. You can click the Convert button when you are ready to go ahead and start the video conversion.

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