Joining the gym? Here’s what you need to buy

Puma clothing for men

Confused about buying stuff for the gym? We have you sorted – just follow our guide.

So you’ve taken a gym membership – congratulations! Joining a gym is often the best way to incorporate exercise into your daily life. It is a good starting point for those who have never exercised before, and who would like guidance on how to go about it.

Don’t be fuddled by the gym equipment you saw when you took a tour of the facilities. With daily practice, you too can master all the equipment and develop a fit, sculpted body. All it needs is regular application and the desire to better your own results. It may take more time or even lesser than you first imagined, but you will get there!

Now that you have a gym membership and are about to start working out soon, you will need to buy gym gear. This is important – the right gym gear can make your workout twice as effective. It goes far beyond just buying a good deodorant and new shoes – you must also invest in the right clothing and accessories.

This is a simple guide to buying gear for your gym workout:

* Clothing. Buying the right clothing is fundamental to success in the gym. Were you about to wear your old cotton tees and shorts to the gym? Perish the thought. Gym workouts can get hot and intense, so you need clothes that will quickly absorb and dry your sweat. Thick cotton tends to dry very slowly, giving rise to body odour and discomfort. Invest in sweat wicking, ‘dri fit’ Puma clothing for men and women. Puma clothing for men and women features tees, tank tops, shorts, sweatshirts and track pants. It is light, trendy and helpful for maximum range during exercise.

* Socks. These are the most underrated item of gym clothing. Good socks are essential for cushioning the feet and rapidly absorbing sweat Buy ankle length socks with a heel cushion – some brands also manufacture socks for running and high impact exercise (like jumping squats, for example). Do not use the same pair of socks two days in a row – so you will need a lot of pairs.

* Innerwear. What you wear inside your clothes during exercise is as important as what you wear outside. Women must invest in good quality sports bras to provide adequate breast and back support. Do not wear lacy, delicate lingerie to the gym – cotton underwear with strong elastic is best [1]. Men must ensure that they wear a jock strap when they do lower body workouts or cardio exercises like swimming and running. Avoid wearing a vest under your shirt because it will cause overheating and excessing sweating.

* Gym bag. Your gym bag must be roomy enough to hold all your stuff and more. If you like to take a shower at the gym after your workout, then you will need to carry an extra set of clothes as well. The gym bag must carry your workout clothes, post-workout clothes, shoes, socks, water bottle, energy drink powder or liquid, wallet, etc. Buy a bag with back straps as well as a handle for easy use.

* Water bottle. You will need to replenish your body’s stores of water during and after your workout. The body continuously loses water in the form of sweat. Invest in a metal or hard plastic water bottle that can withstand high temperature (some gyms provide hot water on request) and which can easily mix your protein powder or energy drink.


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