Major responsibilities of a close protection officer

Major responsibilities of a close protection officer

As we know, a close protection officer is responsible to provide blanket security to his principal (whether it’s a person or commodity). However, few people know how security companies in London train the close protection individuals to successfully execute their duties. There are some key duties and responsibilities that define the job of a close protection officer.

Knowing this will help all those individuals who aspire to join the ranks of professional close protection security services. In addition, the information will also help the clients in picking the right security company in London that offers close protection services. Before we move on to discuss these responsibilities, it is worth mentioning that Westminster Security London offers close protection services in the city through the individuals that take care of all those duties.

An inspection beforehand

A good professional close protection personnel is required to thoroughly inspect all such places and spaces that are about to be visited and occupied by the principal. From rooms, vehicles and the surrounding of the building, it is the duty of close protection officer to give final clearance. Close protection officers carry out an advanced inspection to detect explosives, bugging devices and any other form of weapon. Close protection officers of any reputable security company in London are equipped with relevant equipment (bug scanners, heat vision gadgets etc) to perform an effective advanced search.

Preventive planning

In many cases, close protection officials have to perform background checks on everyone coming in contact with the principal. They also need to profile the people or group of people who can become a possible threat for the person they are supposed to protect.

Preparation for spontaneous changes

It happens quite often that security plans change at the last minute. For that matter, close protection officers are required to be on their toes all the time, particularly when the principal is on move. Not only that, they are also required to quickly devise an alternative in such cases. Only adequately trained close protection officers of reputable security companies in London are managed to seamlessly mould themselves according to the given situation.

An ongoing security responsibility

A fulltime close protection individual is also responsible to look after the security details even when he is not on the direct duty to protect his principal. Reporting every irregularity and compiling daily activities are also expected from a responsible close protection officer.

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