Plants To Refresh Your Home In Case Of Heat Wave

Your Home In Case Of Heat Wave

With the heat wave that France is currently experiencing, all the tricks are good to try to lower the temperature of our homes by a few degrees. However, everyone will have seen, in the city, the thermometer climbs even more than in the countryside, because of a lesser presence of trees and plants.

Greener urbanization is needed

In the city, parks, green spaces with trees (including green roofs and green walls) favor a drop in temperature. Given the global warming that will inevitably lead to more and more heat waves, planting vegetation wherever possible in urban areas should be a priority. It starts to grow …

Alignment tree plantations are becoming widespread in many cities, the development of parks and wooded areas too, the creation of eco-neighborhoods with green areas is increasing without forgetting that the cities that have equipped themselves trams create portions of grassed tracks.

Green balconies rather than concrete

Whether it is a city apartment balcony or a stone or tiled terrace, there is nothing worse to store the heat and radiate it to the window or bay window that separates them from your home. To mitigate the phenomenon, it is recommended, particularly by the ADEME ( Agency for the Environment and Energy Management ) to maximize this outdoor space. Depending on the size and configuration of your balcony or terrace, you can use pots, pans, planters, trellises, stakes and other pergolas to grow and / or climb plants of all kinds: geraniums , petunias or verbena but also aSuzanne with black eyes , a bignone , a honeysuckle , jasmine …

The transpiration of plants and the evaporation of water at ground level will create a natural air conditioning phenomenon that can bring down the indoor temperature by a few degrees. It’s always won!

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