Should You Train On An Empty Stomach for Fat Loss?

Train On An Empty Stomach for Fat Loss

Normally we are influenced by other people’s comments, we pay attention to the advice they give us and that we believe can be useful to us.

If you hear that a diet works, you automatically want to know what you should eat or what you have to do to lose weight.

In general, we want to have an action plan to improve our results and achieve what we want.

One of the questions that many of us ask ourselves before training and that has a lot of opinions about it, is I to eat before training? There are always pros and cons of both, but what we all agree is that we must do the best for our body

It is true that while some people eat before training and feel good, others are unable. But what is the optimal way to lose weight? Train with a full or empty stomach?

When we are all night without eating, the glycogen (stored carbohydrate) is exhausted in the morning, therefore a session of morning cardio could expose your body to a fat burning of higher percentage. The reduction of glycogen reserves can help your body burn fat, but if you are tired this same action can be bad for your body, leading to use muscle to obtain energy.

Since most of us have dinner a few hours before going to sleep and due to the pace of our lives, we do not rest enough hours. The likelihood of completely exhausting glycogen stores during sleep is very difficult. This will mean that we will be able to do an early workout perfectly in order to lose fat.

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