Soka Gakkai Los Angeles – Bringing the Joys of Buddhism To the World!

Soka Gakkai Los Angeles

There are many religions in the world where peace, love and compassion are the primary message. Buddhism is such a religion that welcomes everyone from each nation, class and background. There are some Buddhist communities that have the sole motive to bring followers of Buddhism together. They hold meetings and allow members of the religion to share and exchange views. Soka Gakkai International is one such community that has its presence in major nations of the world. The community is diverse and there are about 12 million people in this community that spread the joys of Buddhism with one and all!

Soka Gakkai Los Angeles- bringing people who love Buddhism together

Soka Gakkai Los Angeles is a community where members meet and share their opinions, views and experiences with one another. In the USA, Soka Gakkai International has more than 500 Chapters where the tenets of Buddhism are spread to one and all. This community spreads the tenets of The Lotus Sutra that was created by Shakyamuni Buddha- the Founder of Buddhism. It spreads the teachings of The Nichiren Buddhist School where followers believe that the power to a happy life lies within themselves. They have potential to face every challenge and fear that they encounter in life. The followers are encouraged to be kind and compassionate with one another. They should be mindful when it comes to thoughts and actions. This encourages them to love and spread the message of love to the world as well.

Los Angeles and Buddhism

In the wake of the recent spate of wars and terrorism many people are now switching to Buddhism to spread non-violence and peace. Nothing can be won or achieved by fighting with each other and it here that you must understand that man was created to help and love one another. The followers of Soka Gakkai International in Los Angeles spread this message as they believe in nuclear disarmament. The goal here is to spread the message of love and harmony. There is a need for peace in the world and this community makes a constant endeavor to help people get rid of vices and recognize their true potential!

Mantras and chants

Members of Soka Gakkai International meet regularly and the chant mantras with one another. They share stories and conduct meetings where the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism are preached. This community is gradually spreading in Los Angeles and it is becoming quite popular. Many young people are also joining as they want violence, hate and terrorism to end.

The Soka Gakkai Los Angeles community is a loving one that spreads the message of peace and harmony. They are happy with the inner wisdom they get. They are also content with the knowledge they acquire with daily chants and introspection. The power to change lies within. The world is complete with love and violence has never brought happiness to anyone. Regular discussion groups are held in the homes of the members. This allows them to meet one another daily and spread the tenets of Buddhism to one and all!

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