Spring Events Planning – Please Don’t Forget Refrigerated Trailers

Spring Events Planning - Please Don’t Forget Refrigerated Trailers

You’ve planned everything for your event down to the finest detail; stands, tables, marquees, dress code, ticket collectors, nibbles… have you forgotten an essential facility which is often overlooked until the last moment? Fridge and freezer trailer hire firms including the highly regarded Icecool Trailers who cover a large part of the South of England, the Midlands and South Wales, are familiar with the eleventh-hour panic call for a fridge to hold barbeque foods, drinks for guests, even animal food for country shows.

Whether you’re an exhibition centre hosting a special evening, a school holding a fete or a farming or county show exhibitor, it is easy to forget fridge trailer hire and whilst leading firms offer emergency services, pre-booking is preferable and reduces stress levels.

Refrigeration is a legal requirement when you serve food to the public. From milk for cups of tea to canapes and champagne to a hotel’s three course wedding banquet, items must be stored to maintain their optimum quality, in hygienic and professionalfacilities.This should never be perceived as a luxury to be neglected in favour of placing food and drink stock by a wall or under a shady tree.

You may save a little money, but do you want your event to be remembered for the wrong reasons? Refrigerated trailers play a significant part in ensuring that guests leave with positive memories not food poisoning.

Remember, guests are under the impression that you have a duty of care and secure their safety at every stage of the catering process; please don’t shatter that image!

Be ready for event weather blips

As we’ve seen already in 2018, it can be unpredictable; from March’s Beast from the East to the early May heatwave to thunderstorms and windy days, you can’t be confident that the weather will abide by organiser’s wishes. You need a solid, secure, insured and effective fridge or freezer trailer hire service provider’s competitively priced solutions to guarantee excellence and peace of mind.

Choose the solution which works for you

A cold or freezer room without wheels? A fridge trailer hire unit or freezer trailer hire, with wheels. Indoor position? Exterior catering location? In the middle of a field powered by a generator or in an outbuilding connected to the mains? Do you need to move facilities during the hire period? Will a 2.4m fridge trailer hire be sufficient – honestly? Would it be better to take a 3m trailer to have additional “just in case” space? Relax, experts at the best hire firms can advise you on the best solution using years of experience and accrued wisdom.

Don’t restrict the hire period to the shortest possible time

Why? Because the money that you save by shortening a hire period is negligible compared to the increased stress levels caused by hasty clear ups and stock clearance, when you’re probably exhausted by the day’s activities. The rates for refrigerated trailers are highly competitive so don’t put yourself under undue strain.

Please contact leading fridge trailer hire service providers for a positive experience.

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