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The Second Life of a Discreet House in London

Second Life of a Discreet House in London

Never trust appearances … On the street side, its unattractive facade leaves no indication of the interior transformation of this house of the 50s. Nothing of its brightness, with its high bay windows opening on the greenery, nothing more of its functional spaces and its warm modernity. “From the backbone of this ‘ugly house’, as I call it, I reconfigured the spaces to create through volumes and develop a unique set of perspectives,” says architect Andy Martin. My wife Madeleine, sales manager at the Hauser Wirth Gallery in London, is also very involved in this design. Our new house, we wanted it cozy and bright, including in winter when we spend more time indoors, to meet the need, essential for us, to share time with our children and our friends. “From his home country, Australia, Andy has kept the taste of wide open spaces. He has “gained ground” by evading the structure of the house for a flow more fluid and better adapted to the life of the couple and their three children of 11 years, 9 years and 4 years.

An interior that plays with contrasts

On the ground floor, the three existing rooms were totally open. Side street, the living room has retained its proportions. Vintage furniture and a stoveaccentuate the privacy and the cocoon, contrasting with the open and bright space of the kitchen and dining room. Sharp edge with the dining roompaneled in black, the kitchen dressed in stainless steel elements opens onto a small garden. Andy, a good surfer from Sydney, was able to incorporate a pool with a system that creates waves to the envy. “We’re far from the ocean and its surf spots, but I’m trying to introduce Eero, Panama and Sonny Jim, who love sliding in the heart of London!” The three children’s rooms were installed with their bathroom on the first floor. Parents have their space under the roofs. Designed as a suite, it offers bird’s-eye views of the surrounding gardens. A nice bubble of calm for this architect who has just signed Fucina and Barafina, two restaurants in London and a house in Kent!

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