What Is The Job Of Interior Decorator?

The Job Of Interior Decorator

In the field of housing development, several trades are mixed and complement each other. The interior designer is the term used to include decorators, decorating advisers, decorating coaches and interior designers. The interior designer arrives to give the final touch to the project. Côté Maison offers you an update on this exciting job.

The designers are increasingly called today for the layout and decoration of a house or apartment. But what exactly is their function? What is the difference with a home designer? Here is some information that will allow you to see more clearly about the profession of interior decorator.

What are the missions of an interior decorator?

His job is to coordinate the decor based on what already exists – and that the customer wants to keep – and what he wants to change: furniture, wall coverings, choice of colors. It harmonizes styles.

Some interior designers can also perform decorating assignments by taking care of the smallest details of the decor: finding the right cushion color or the painting that will decorate the fireplace.

The architect is primarily interested in the design, length or color of the curtains does not matter, so it is customary to use both skills for a complete renovation project.

And the decorating coaches, home designers, relookers …?

All these names include the same type of mission: advise the customer on the choice of a new sofa, a wallpaper, a carpet. That is to say, ensure a mission of advice to allow you to put words and ideas on your desires, to comfort you in your choices.

You are free to call on craftsmen or to carry out the project yourself. The decorator is above all a consultant, he does not do the work.

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