Why User Feedback is Important For Your App

Feedback is Important For Your App

Although the methods of referencing apps by application stores (Google and Apple) are not really known, by dint of observation, we were able to identify major trends that will guide you in ASO mobile SEOtechniques . Store ratings and comments have a direct influence on maximizing  the visibility and appeal of your app.

Indeed, the SEO algorithms of the stores are very looking at the number of notes and comments left to your application. Thus, the more your app will have a high rating (5 stars) and the more comments you have on store, the better you will be positioned on the app store.

The influence on downloading

In addition to the app placement calculation procedures, the feedback from your users has a psychological influence on your future mobile users .
In the same way as a web visibility, the pages stores are your showcase page, the one where you have to show your best day to encourage a maximum of downloads.

Having negative feedback or stipulating many bug will certainly be a brake for the prospect who still hesitates to download your app. Conversely, the absence of comment can lead to questions about the quality of your app. This observation is even more true when your app is paying. You must therefore seek to collect the maximum of positive returns.

Practices to improve user feedback

As you will have understood, the management of your user feedback should be part of the concerns of your promotional strategy of the app. To help you manage it better here are some tracks on which you can act quite easily:

  • Pop-in notation: You’ve probably already seen it, the log-in pop-in is an in-app message asking you for 1 minute of your time to rate the app you’re using.
    Often placed after the splash screen (or in another strategic place for you, eg at the end of a control tunnel) this pop-in appears only after the completion of a few sessions. It’s up to you to define the number, but leave enough time for the user to enjoy all of your features. It will be more inclined to leave you a good note / comment . Do not spam it either, and set up triggers or targeted groups not to send a rating request to a user who has already done so, or better yet, offer feedback on your store page only to mobile users who have put more than 3 stars. The user experience has to be thought through in the details.
  • Your knowledge:   If it is difficult to get good grades at the beginning of the launch of your app (and yes, users have a little trouble making the first step when it comes to leaving a compliment), you can always force a little fate by turning to your friends, families, colleagues … who if they appreciate your app, will be more willing to argue your hard work.
  • The response to comments: It is now possible for iOS developers to respond to comments left on the stores listings (already possible for some time for Android developers). The exchange is, however, subject to moderation by Apple and fixed to a single response per comment.
    Responding to comments stores remains however a great opportunity to either defend you against a criticism ; either reassure your users about your ability to solve a bug or bring a new service.
    In any case, the accumulation of unanswered negative opinions will not really be well perceived, so communicate!
  • The support service: Very common in web support, the support service also finds its place in a mobile application. Custom developed by your developer team or integrated via a sdk, this helpdesk will segment user feedback before they go to your store listing. Indeed, the best way not to multiply bad comments, is to allow your users to contact you easily. This approach can also be very fun with the latest versions of OS (ex: shake his phone can take a screenshot)
    So do not just fill in the support field of the plug store (although it is important to do it too!).

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